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Only The Best Solar Systems

AmpSun Energy is the best in the country for supplying solar panel equipment to get your commercial property a return on investment for solar array. This is the direct result of the high cost of power!

Solar Panels You Can Trust

Our first class warranty goes beyond basic solar panels. We guarantee installation, parts, maintenance and even the amount of energy generated by your AmpSun Energy system.

Solar Panels

Solar panels simply capture the sunlight and then turn it into power for your home or business.

DH-60M 290-310W

DH-M760B 345-370W

DH-M760F 350-380W

DH-M760W 350-380W

DH-M772F 425-445W

DH-M772W 425-445W

Find out how much you can save on your monthly bill by going solar power this year

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